ATTAVIK, the "always-available" communication system for voice and data

 Today's society rely on different wireless communication systems accessed from mobile devices: for digital services, leisure time, and also for critical emergencies. We assume such infrastructures are always available but, however, this is not true everywhere.  


   ATTAVIK is an innovative solution for enabling voice and data mobile communications without depending on any external infrastructure (off-grid). 

Applying Super Wi-Fi technology to unlicensed spectrum provides better coverage than commercial Wi-Fi (~10 km), allowing fast deployments if compared to traditional alternatives (from months to hours). 

 ATTAVIK offers a complete set of features to facilitate its use and leverage its potential, like the repeater mode (to extend the coverage to unlimited distances), the gateway mode (interoperability with external networks) and seamless Internet access everywhere

All these features make ATTAVIK an ideal solution for enterprises' and individuals' activities in rural and remote areas, but also for mission-critical operations

Attavik mesh network communication

The video shows the Attavik concept of how to ensure communication, even in off-net situations.